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Vanesa Cejudo. [Madrid, 1975]. I am sociology and PhD in Arts. I have been a mediator, teacher and supervisor of programs of educational and artistic self-management in countries such as Senegal, Angola, Venezuela and Guatemala through various AECID scholarships. My practice is based on a strategy that articulates the education as the core of personal and main development engine of social change. I complement my studies around three lines: Education (worked as a teacher at UPSAM, and I created together with EXPRIMENTO LIMON`s platform workshops approaching to art and creativity for all public); New Technologies, after the Master of Society of Information at UPSAM, I see technology as a backbone of active approaches to social transformation and visual culture. And a third line is my commitment to the Contemporary Creation, for it reconciles my activity of artistic mediation in PENSART , also working into MAV (Visual Artist Women) Currently I live in London and collaborates as a member of PENSART with Brit-Es magazine (British – Spanish Magazine). 

Cristina Calvo, [Basque Country, 1982] I am a photographer and visual art educator in the UK. I studied technical photography in Amayur, Donostia – San Sebastian in 2003. In 2006 I moved to London to continue my studies. After a short course at Saint Martins University, led by Diego Ferrari in Photography Art and Architecture, I enrolled at the University of Westminster and graduate with a BA in photography in 2015. Then I graduated from Goldsmith University with a postgraduate degree in Art and Education in 2016. During my studies, I collaborated with different collectives related to contemporary photography. In my photographic practice, I explore identity issues and urban architecture. My academic research investigates the impact of the new photography and image making technologies in learning visual culture in schools.

Spanish team

Eugenia Trifaró [Buenos Aires, 1978] is a Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design, Specialty Applied Arts of Sculpture, by the School of Art of Madrid and University Expert in Artistic Education by the Complutense University. He studied Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and Humanist Art Therapy at the Center for Art Therapy and Gestalt Therapy in Madrid. His interest is to create spaces of expression and sensitive training through an artistic thought and visual learning that makes us realize the construction of space, reality and experience, using an artistic practice that takes into account the Gesture, medium and support. Concentration through techniques, experience through action, knowing different ways of seeing and thinking reality and creating it.

Iwona Pakula [Zgorzelec, Poland 1980]. Cultural manager and graduated in Economics. He completed the Master of Cultural Management at Carlos III University in Madrid. She has worked as a trainee at the Center for Industrial Arts and Creation LABoral in Gijón in the Department of Education and Mediation where she taught workshops focused on encouraging the creativity of children through art or bringing older people to new technologies. He has organized several artistic workshops for children in the Caicoya gallery in Oviedo. He has collaborated with Asociación Aecumad and Pensart de Madrid. She has also worked as a lecturer and English teacher at several Language Academies in Madrid. Within the field of cultural management works in the field of Arts education, in the design, coordination and production of cultural projects, didactic workshops and creative activities.

Emma Campoy [Cadiz, 1972] Educational Mediator. Specialist in contemporary history by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a master’s degree in museum education from the University of Zaragoza. It has developed all its work around the practice and educational research. She has worked as a teacher in secondary education and as an educator in cultural programs for children and adults (Arguments for Culture, Universidad de los mayores, Festival Okuparte, Huesca) and has collaborated in socio-educational intervention programs (UNICEF, IEPALA). Since 2002, she has been working in the Mnemosine Collective as a coordinator of a group of pedagogical intervention and management of educational projects in collaboration with various public institutions (IES, MEC, CAM, City Councils …). It has developed didactic materials and taught courses for teachers and educators, promoting a philosophy of pedagogical intervention in the urban space as the first area of socialization through the Mnemosine educ-action project. Participates as a mediator in projects between artists and neighborhood networks in Madrid for the promotion of a participatory management culture that generates community development (with Loreto Alonso in Proyecto Pipa, Vallecas, with Pensart in the Digestive House project). Currently collaborates with the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid in the development of educational programs and researches on applications of artistic and creative pedagogies in non-formal education settings.

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