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Exprimento Limon is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 in Madrid. We started in London in 2013 with the name Making Art Happen.

​ To investigate the application of innovative methodologies, incorporating dynamics and tools of artistic creativity to assimilate new knowledge using the imagination, interaction and creation. ​


To generate relational spaces of socialisation, undertaking this project as an initiative that is open to the possibility of enriching the process of shared learning. ​


To provide interactive and participative methodologies, using strategies of action-reflection in order to give the individual’s autonomy in their process of growth and intellectual construction. ​


To search implications between the formal and informal education, between school and art education, and establish collaborative relationships in the long run with the context of the school. ​

To cultivate the sensory experiences, educate the senses, enrich the language and learn to express in a personal way. ​


To create a space for the exchange of ideas between various disciplines, at a local and international level, in which different knowledge of each area is integrated to create collaborative and sustainable experiences.

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