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We propose that contemporary visual art have to practice out of Museums an Art Centers as another way to sensitize people within a critical visual language.

For this reason, we have created together with a network of teachers, artistic practices carried out by the artists themselves to address subject related to university content in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

This proposal have been supported by :

Art Department of the City Hall of Madrid


Visual Artist at Sociology subject

Visual artist focused on representations of desires, constructions, contradictions and expectations built with special interest in the limits of dissent



Visual Artist at Audiovisual Comunication subject

He expansion process of the virtual toward the territory of the real is, in my opinion, a fundamental issue because as this situation evolves it is nourished by images and transforms our relationship with them; while they float in the digital limbo, images are emptied of meaning, and they gradually loose their presence by becoming pure electricity,  flashes without any content. This transformation process of the image status also extends to other syntactic or grammatical environments. Gradually, the virtual permeates the real world transforming our relationship with it.




Visual Artist at Innovation subject

My artistic practice focuses on understanding movement in relation to the visual arts, on seeking the poetics in our everyday actions, on repetition and absurdity, on knowing how to listen to and observe the choreography that people and things routinely engage in, and the connection between all these elements. I am interested in the rhythms encountered in urban spaces and the geographical gestures of the human body. Starting from this premise, I attempt to reveal the choreographies that structure our daily lives.



Visual Artist at Visual Documentation subject

He is interested in the political mechanisms for the construction of history and the gaze. Flea markets are his favourite research places, from where he collects and creates archives of visual documents that function as cabinets of curiosities. In his recent project, he has built up a collection of postcards to create a ‘thinking machine’ that provides conceptual foundations for his theatre plays, installations and performances.

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